Our Inspection is conducted in accordance with AS4349.1-2007 and includes…


  • Ceilings and walls for cracks, distortion, dampness, stains
  • Floors for squeakiness, springiness, unevenness, movement, composition
  • Doors and windows for type, damage, operation
  • Bathrooms, kitchens and laundries for moisture levels, mould, damage, ventilation, tiles, exhaust fans, tapware
  • Roof cavity ventilation, insulation, roof frame, sarking, leaks, old hot water units
The damp is attacking the wall. mold on window. House Window With Damp And Condensation.
Broken red clay tile roof close up.


  • Subfloor dampness, ventilation, stumps (above the surface of the ground), bearers, joists, plumbing leaks, accumulation of debris
  • External cladding material - cracking, damage, wood rot, corrosion, articulation joints
  • Guttering, storm water runoff, drainage, fencing, out buildings
  • Hot water service - type, condition, age
  • Condition of water tanks, pumps etc.
  • Roof material, condition, damage/ corrosion, chimneys/flues, flashing

Pest inspection (optional)

We now offer a Timber Pest Inspection service.

We work with a specialist in termite detection who uses a thermal imaging camera and radar movement tracking technology. Expensive but essential pieces of equipment to detect termite activity.

Termites Close Up
SWHI Report 2

Our standard inspection also covers such items as:

  • Major and Minor structural defects

  • Recommendations for upgrading of electrical and plumbing if necessary

  • Operation of exhaust fans (if power is connected)

  • Safety Hazards

Additional services available upon request:

  • Special purpose inspections and reports.
  • Mould Inspections: a root cause analysis.
  • Property measurement.
  • Boundary checks.
  • Tax depreciation schedules. We work with a large firm of quantity surveyors to provide tax depreciation reports for clients with rental properties. If you own or are purchasing a rental property it is essential that you obtain a tax depreciation report as there are very significant tax benefits available regardless of the age of the property.

Coming soon

Pre-Handover / New Build inspections
Pool safety inspections
Thermal efficiency reports

The process

  • 1

    Request an inspection by email or phone

  • 2

    We will promptly liaise with sales agents, owners, tenants and book in a suitable time for your inspection

  • 3

    Once the inspection has been completed we will follow up with a phone call to discuss relevant details

  • 4

    We will provide you a finalised report within 24 hours of the inspection

  • 5

    Once you have received the finalised report we will be available to discuss any questions you might have

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